Eco Friendly Improvements

We take active steps to improve and monitor our success (or regression). When we joined the MPower Champion program in 2010, we conducted an environment audit. From this audit, we know that our carbon footprint comes from:

  • 80% - fleet
  • 12% - training/education (people impact)
  •   8% - facilities

The audit helps us know where to focus our energies. Our Sustainability Report reviews improvements we have made in each area and provides a monitoring tool. Ultimately, we should be measuring our profitability on the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet.

FY 2012-13 Strategic Plan

The Green Team identified the following key goals to work toward; each one has multiple action items. Our fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.


  • Improve average fuel mileage of each vehicle type by 3%.
  • Develop plan for response to DNR Air Quality Alerts to reduce emission impact.
  • Identify alternative fuels to continue to ‘green our fleet’ for Large Van and MiniVan purchases.


  • Reduce electrical consumption in each building by 5%.
  • Reduce gas consumption at 2458 Pennsylvania by 5%.
  • Actively manage energy and resource usage.


  • Promote member involvement in sustainability measures; build interest by 5%.
  • Promote our sustainability measures within community.
  • Actively manage energy and resource usage.

2009 Baseline

Membership established Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values.

Membership added Core Value #7 reflecting our Environmental Values.

Membership involvement, commitment, and awareness of environmental impact.

  • Promoted Day of Action events in 2009 and 2010.
  • Participate in state-wide Bike to Work Week activities and competitions. (In 2010, we ranked 6 out of 194 companies state-wide in number of employees who biked to work for that week.

Board of Directors created several committees to address business environmental impact.

Management created teams to assist committees, including the Green Team.

Managing cooperative resources in a way that supports environmental improvements.

  • Energy usage monitored by Board of Directors and management.
  • Recycling bins located in convenient locations throughout the property.
  • Green Power Tomorrow Partner at 50% level with MG&E.
  • Mpower ChaMpion Partner pledging to reduce our carbon footprint, and actively implementing programs to do so.

Education campaign for our drivers in the areas of fuel conservation.

  • Promote our no-idling policy.
  • Check/maintain tire pressure at 35 psi.
  • Good driving habits such as smooth driving, smooth braking, and speed control.

Promote alternative commuter options to our members.

  • Member of Madison Metro's Commuter Choice Program.
  • Promote and support bike-to-work habits, walking, and ride-sharing.

We save and reuse or recycle office and shop equipment:

  • Computer monitors and parts.
  • Scrap steel.
  • Parts from retired cabs.
  • Tires.
  • Oil and anti-freeze.
  • Fluorescent lights.
  • Paper, plastic (#1-7), cardboard and aluminum.
  • Encourage members to collect from families and friends and bring recycling items to our bins for recycling.
  • 3-ring binders, chairs and shelving.

Sound fleet maintenance practices.

  • The shop uses recycled anti-freeze.
  • The shop parts washer is citrus-based and non-flammable.
  • Citrus based degreasers and chemicals with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) used whenever possible.
  • Barrels of windshield washer fluid are watered down in warm months to reduce consumption.
  • Oil filters are crushed, oil extracted, and recycled.
  • Shop rags are collected, contaminants extracted, and recycled.

We use flat screen monitors.

Computers, copiers, printers, fax machines, are powered down to sleep mode when not in use.

We strive to reduce paper use by making use of electronic communication and double siding reports when possible.

We strive to purchase eco and worker friendly cleaning products. Natural cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, citrus, and lemon juice.

  • Replaced fluorescent lights with ones that have less mercury and better light.
  • Replaced several light fixtures and ballast units to newer more efficient T-8's.
  • Replaced metal halide lights in large driver's room with fluorescent lights.
  • All outside lights on both properties and tower have dusk-to-dawn sensors.
  • 2458 Pennsylvania bathrooms have motion switches for lights and fans.
  • Replaced 2458 Pennsylvania rooftop HVAC system.
  • Replaced 2458 Pennsylvania lower level furnaces.
  • Maintenance contract to replace filters, clean and inspect rooftop HVAC.
  • Replace ground level furnace filters bi-monthly or as needed.
  • All thermostats at 2458 Pennsylvania are programable.
  • Waste oil burner for 2470 Pennsylvania heats the shop.
  • Installed insulation in the large driver's room ceiling to an R24 value.
  • New energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners.
  • Low-volume flush toilets installed in 2458 Pennsylvania.
  • Replaced leaking air compressor at 2470 Pennsylvania.
  • New spill containment system for gas pump.
  • Veeder Root Underground Storage Tank Monitor.
  • Conducted Teeg Electrical Study.
  • Roof surfaces on 2458 and 2470 Pennsylvania are light in color, minimizing heat absorption in summer.
  • Planted trees and other plants and shrubs on our lots to promote on-site water management.