Volunteers on Board!

Union Cab and Morgridge Center: Partnering for a Strong Community

Union Cab has worked with the Morgridge Center for Public Service, at UW Madison, for over a decade as the partner for the Volunteer Transportation Program (http://www.morgridge.wisc.edu/programs/VTP/index.html). We transport over 1,200 student volunteers to their sites throughout the community each year. Students qualify to use the Volunteer Transportation Program if their service sites are off of the Metro bus line or longer than a 40 minute, one-way, bus ride. Union Cab is excited to continue its partnership with UW-Madison’s Morgridge Center for Public Service.

student volunteers ride in union cabs to their sites

Morgridge Center programs supported by Union Cab include:

Badger Volunteers™

Badger Volunteers™ is a semester-long program that gives students the training and logistical support they need to provide meaningful and consistent service to the Madison community. Badger Volunteers™ tutor at local schools, coordinate after-school science clubs, work with health organizations and other community groups, including food pantries, clinics and services for the disabled and elderly. Over 80 teams, comprised of more than 600 UW-Madison students, serve 55 community partners on a weekly basis for an entire semester. In 2011-12, Badger Volunteers™ contributed more than 15,200 hours in service to the Madison area.  Union Cab takes pride in transporting nearly two thirds of the Badger Volunteers to their locations off of the bus line or longer than a 40 minute one way bus trip. (source:http://www.morgridge.wisc.edu/programs/bv/index.html)


Schools of Hope

Schools of Hope is a tutoring program supported by United Way of Dane County, and coordinated by the Urban League of Greater Madison, Centro Hispano, and Madison School Community Recreation program. Schools of Hope aims to address the educational achievement gap in Madison Metropolitan School District elementary, middle and high schools. Volunteer tutors commit to serve at least an hour a week at an area school, work one-on-one with students, serve as mentors and providing academic guidance to students who need additional support. Over 900 UW-Madison students served as tutors in 2011-2012, and Union Cab is proud to have assisted with transportation for over half of these students.  (source:http://www.morgridge.wisc.edu/students/schoolsofhope/index.html)


Service Learning and Community-based Research

UW-Madison offers over 50 service-learning courses every year. These credit-bearing courses allow students to participate in an organized activity of either direct service, project-based service, or community-based research (CBR), designed to meet community needs while gaining further understanding of course content. Each year, Union Cab transports nearly a third of the service learning students to their work sites. Union Cab transports nearly a third of all service learning students. (source:http://www.morgridge.wisc.edu/programs/)