Service Expectations

Passengers should expect:

  1. A taxi driver that is knowledgeable of major destinations, who takes you safely to your destination by the most efficient route.
  2. A taxicab in safe working order with operating heating and air conditioning.
  3. A taxi driver who practices good hygiene, is polite and respectful and does not smoke in the cab.
  4. To be charged an accurate fare for the distance and time of your trip including approved surcharges.
  5. To offer complaints or suggestions to the City of Madison at 608-266-4761 or to Union Cab at 608-242-2000.
  6. To a taxi that arrives at the pickup point within a reasonable amount of time after an order has been placed (unless warned of extraordinary delays by our dispatch office).
  7. To receive a receipt upon request.
  8. To pay for the trip using cash, Union Cab coupons, or major credit/debit card.
  9. For persons with disabilities, to ride in a wheelchair accessible taxi as available and/or be accompanied by a service animal.

Drivers should expect:

  1. Passengers that do not distract or otherwise prevent the taxi driver from focusing on driving the cab:
    1. Do not touch the driver.
    2. Do not touch or attempt to operate taxi equipment (radios, computers, horns).
    3. Children should be in appropriate safety devices. Safety-belts should be worn by everyone. Parents and guardians are expected to provide the appropriate safety device other than a seat belt.
  2. Passengers that refrain from eating or drinking inside a taxicab:
    1. Passengers are expected to clean up after themselves;
    2. The City allows drivers to charge up to $50.00 for cleaning.
  3. Passengers that practice good hygiene, don’t smoke in the cab and are polite and respectful towards the  driver.
  4. Passengers to pay the fare posted on the meter and any applicable surcharge upon reaching the destination. In the event of a dispute, the passenger should take the taxi driver’s name, cab number and report your dispute to either the management of Union Cab or the City of Madison.
  5. Passengers to understand that the person or organization paying for the trip decides on stops and detours.
  6. Passengers to be ready within 5 minutes of the taxi driver’s arrival.
  7. Passengers to have a destination.
  8. Passengers to understand that Union Cab is a “curb-to-curb” service. Passengers may request special assistance, but there is no guarantee that the driver will be able to honor the request. Passengers should recognize that requests for special assistance or conditions may delay the arrival of your taxicab.

Our Insurance Coverage and The City of Madison demand the following:

  1. The driver must take the most direct route unless instructed to do otherwise by the person paying the fare.
  2. Drivers and dispatchers have the right to refuse service to people who behave in a physically or verbally abusive manner.
  3. Drivers may only have as many passengers as available safety belts. Regardless of a child’s size, they count as one person towards capacity.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in taxicabs.
  5. Open intoxicants are prohibited in taxicabs.
  6. Driver must obey all laws and traffic regulations.
  7. Drivers must display their City of Madison Taxi Driver Permit.