Rider Rewards

How does it Work?

Put at least $50 on account with Union Cab (about 3-4 average trips). You will receive a Rewards Card that works just like a debit card in the taxi, and an on-line account that will allow you to order cabs and manage your account.

At the beginning of every month, or whenever your balance falls below $20, Union Cab will charge your credit card to refill your account to the level that you requested.

Due to technical difficulties with our card printer, we are not currently enrolling new Rider Rewards members. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Earn up to a 20% discount on your cab fare every time you ride!

Union Cab offers a prepaid account program that provides discounts, online ordering and order tracking, and a Rider Rewards card that you can use in any Union Cab vehicle at any time.

You can provide additional Rewards Cards and access to your account for members of your family, or small business. Save money every time you take a cab, and provide your children or aged parents with a guaranteed safe ride home, 24 hours a day.

To calculate your discount, follow the steps below.

1. Select companies or organizations you work for or belong to.

If you don't see your company or organization on the list, ask them to give us a call!


Members and employees of the following organizations may enjoy a 5% discount when they enroll into the Union Cab Rider Rewards Program. Maximum of one affinity discount per account.



    2. Select cooperatives or credit unions you below to.

    When people join a cooperative,
    they join a community of over
    800 million people world wide.


    The following is the current list of co-operatives and credit unions whose members are eligible for the 5% discount when they enroll in the Union Cab Rider Rewards Program. Maximum of one coop discount per account.


      3. Other Discounts

       I am 60 years of age or older or disabled (10%).

      4. Refill Level

      Your account automatically refills to this level if your balance drops below $20 and/or on the first of the month.
      The fewer times your account needs to be refilled in a month, the fewer transaction fees we have to pay. We pass these savings on to you! 
      Refill Level:
      ($50 Minimum)
      Refill Level Additional Discount
      $300 +2% Discount
      $500 +3% Discount
      $800 +4% Discount
      $1,000 +5% Discount

      Your Discount

      The maximum total discount is 20%


      Monthly Cab Fare

      Enter the average amount that
      you spend each month on cab fare.

      Your Estimated Savings

      Your discount will be credted to
      your account each month.



      Once you create an account and log in, click 'Apply for Discounts' to start saving money!

      Sign up today!