Our Jingle

When you need a Union Cab. . . . . .

Now Available as a Ringtone--Download Now!

In 1991, the Marketing Committee of Union Cab decided that the co-operative needed a jingle. Fortunately, as fate would have it, we just happened to have a couple of musicians working for the company at the time. Two members worked independently to create a couple of options. The winning jingle was "polished up" and a master was made at a local recording studio. The master was carefully put into a box. The box was stored in a filing cabinet and the project was complete.
In 2000, while cleaning out files, the box was found underneath an old unreleased Beatles single (no one wanted the single, so it got recycled). The tape with the jingle was played. The directors cringed. The directors begged the marketing guy to "make it stop!" The marketing guy realized he had a hit. Since then, the jingle has become ubiquitous.
People hum it with a smile as they go about their daily chores.
Children sing it at the breakfast table!
It has been translated into 50 languages and broadcast on six continents!
Okay, the last one didn't happen (although it has been heard on the streets of Dublin, Ireland), but it has become memorable. The artist responsible for this work is Adam Tyksinski (bass and vocals). Adam moved on to other exciting projects, but we want to take a moment to acknowledge his work for us over a decade ago. Hit a link below to download an ad for Union Cab.