On Line Ordering

Order a Union Cab on-line or with your smart phone!Order from your smart phone or desktop computer!


  • Order with your credit or debit card — no other account needed and no waiting on the phone.
  • Track your order in real time
  • Service area includes Madison and surrounding communities
  • Works on most smart phones
  • Nothing to download or install, and no additional charges for ordering online
  • Same great Union Cab service!

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How much will I be charged, and when?

Your credit card will be authorized for $1.00 when you place the order to validate your card, and your account information will be stored in our processing gateway's encrypted off-site data vault. This transaction will be immediately be reversed, but not all banks will reflect this immediately. When your trip is completed, the stored information will be used to charge your account for the exact amount of the fare and tip. This information is deleted after transaction settlement.


Can I cancel the order?

If you cancel the order online before the order is assigned to a cab, the authorization will be voided and you will not be charged. To cancel your order after the order is assigned to a cab, please call 608-242-2000, and you will not be charged.


What if I don't show up?

The phone number you provided with your order will be called when the cab has arrived. If our cab arrives at the pickup location and you do not show up within 5 minutes, your card may be charged a fee of $3.50 for orders picking up within the metro area, or $24 for orders originating in the Exurbia zone.

Please be ready to get in the cab when you place the order.


Do I have to have the credit card with me in the cab?

No. In fact, you may order and pay for a cab on someone else's behalf, such as your child, your friends, or inlaws you'd like to send home safely and efficiently.


What if I want to change my order?

To modify your order, please call 608-242-2000.


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