Coop Resources

On December 21, 1843 a small group of men and women joined together to open the Rochdale Pioneer Society. This became the first “modern-era” cooperative in the English speaking world.  The cooperative was based on simple principles: provide quality goods and services at a reasonable price and provide a decent place of employment.

Since then, cooperatives have blossomed to include every aspect of human enterprise. Today, the cooperative model includes financial institutions and insurance (credit unions and mutual’s), consumer cooperatives, producer cooperatives, housing cooperatives, and worker cooperatives. While the services and goods provided by cooperatives and credit unions are as divergent as the people using and providing them, all cooperatives and credit unions are bound by a single identity.

Simply put. Cooperatives are democratically controlled enterprises. They operate on the basis of “one-member, one-vote” instead of “one share, one vote".

We present the following resources for those who would like to learn more about cooperatives, who are considering starting a cooperative or who would like to strengthen their existing cooperative.