Airport Services

Union Cab provides service to the following airports:

  • Dane County Regional Airport (a $1.00 Airport Fee applies when leaving in a taxi)
  • Wisconsin Aviation
  • Middleton Airport
  • General Mitchell Field in Milwaukee
  • Rockford Airport
  • Chicago O’Hare (Illinois tolls apply)
  • Chicago Midway (Illinois tolls apply)

Union Cab picks up at the Dane County Regional Airport, Wisconsin Aviation and Middleton. Please consult local taxi companies for other airports.
The following rules apply to taxi service at the Dane County Regional Airport:

  • Passengers may choose which taxi they wish to hire regardless of their order in line at the airport.
  • Passengers must pay the airport toll ($1.00)
  • Taxi may only load at the north end of the terminal (Door #7)
  • Taxi drivers may not solicit passengers and may not enter the terminal
  • Taxi drivers may not refuse service to any reasonable customer.

During times of peak activity, the City of Madison may declare a “peak period.” Please see the Shared-Ride Rates page for more information about Peak Periods.