Account Rules

Union Cab Charge Account

Union Cab of Madison Cooperative offers a charge account to individuals and corporations under the following terms and conditions:
Authority to Charge
Union Cab may issue the authority to charge for services to a credit account. The holder of the account (the Responsible Party) agrees to punctually pay all amounts owed to Union Cab in respect of taxi and courier fares, service charges, and all other fees incurred by them or with their apparent authority. The Responsible Party accepts full responsibility for all amounts charge to their account and agree that the amount of any slip bearing their signature or the signature or verbal or electronic assent of a person apparently authorized by them shall be final and binding on use. The Responsible Party accepts that Union Cab may suspend charging privileges at any time.
The terms of credit are “net end-of-month” (net EOM). The Responsible Party agrees to pay the net amount billed in full by the end of the month in which Union Cab issues the statement.
Billing and Due Dates
Union Cab shall bill each account every month for charges made during the previous month and for any previous unpaid balances. The Responsible Party agrees to make any claims to any discrepancies noted on the statement of account to the attention of Union Cab within 25 days of the billing date. Failure to bring forward challenges to a statement within this time will be a statement by the Responsible Part that the statement is correct. Payments of statements are due in total by the end of the month that the statement is issued.
Union Cab shall make every effort to present a clear and understandable statement including the date, description and total charge for each ride, delivery or service provided.
No Show/No-load Fee
At its option, Union Cab may charge a no show fee if the passenger or parcel is unavailable for loading 5 minutes after either the arrival of the taxi or the due time for the taxi. The No Show fee shall be the fee posted with the City of Madison and equal to the initial drop rate of the meter. It is meant to compensate the driver for his/her time.
In the event that the account has a high percentage of No Shows, Union Cab may elect, at its discretion, to enforce a higher no-load charge in order to compensate for fuel costs to Union Cab.
Account Security
The Responsible Party bears responsibility for the security of their account. While Union Cab will work with the Responsible Party to create security measures such as passwords, vouchers, authorized rider lists and other means to protect against fraudulent charges, it remains the Responsible Party’s responsibility to keep information about their account (including its existence) private.
Service Provided
Union Cab provides passenger transportation by metered taxi service and charter shuttle service. Union Cab also provides courier delivery service. In addition to the basic charge for transportation, additional charges may be added for tolls, special assistance, and heavy or bulky items. Please see Union Cab’s rate card and delivery chart for a full explanation of charges and services.
While our courier rates have a built-in service fee for the extra labor required by the driver, Accounts may also include gratuities for the driver for their service. While pre-arranged gratuities are encouraged for charter service, passenger service gratuities may be calculated automatically (through a set amount or percentage as determined by the Account) or left up to the discretion of the passenger. While gratuities are strongly encouraged, they are not required and will have no bearing on performance.
Union Cab accepts the following method of payment for accounts:
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Personal Check
  • Business Check
  • Money Order or Cashier Check
Union Cab will not accept Union Cab coupons or other forms or alternative currency for payment of accounts.
If a check is returned by to us unpaid for any reason, Union Cab will assess a charge equal to the amount charged to the Cooperative by its bank.
Late Payment and Default
Failure to pay the amount due in full by the end of the month may result in a $25.00 late fee. This fee may be applied for each month in arrears.
Continued failure to pay the amount due in full may result in the suspension of charging privileges or the closing of the account.
Accounts more than 120 days in arrears shall be considered in default.
Methods of Collection Payment Due
Union Cab reserves the right to use all available methods to collect money owed for services. This includes but is not limited to using collection agencies or seeking civil action in court.
Collection Costs
The Responsible Party shall pay all reasonable costs, expenses and disbursements, including legal fees, which may be incurred by Union Cab in the enforcement of its rights under the credit agreement.
Union Cab reserves the right to seek legal action to recover past due amounts at anytime.
Account Suspension and Denial of Charge Authority
Union Cab reserves the right to suspend charging privileges at any time. Without notice, Union Cab may at any time refuse to make further charges and may demand the payment of the whole or any part of the indebtedness whether or not then due and payable under the terms of this credit agreement.
During the first six months of the credit agreement, the account shall be suspended whenever it becomes more than 30 days past due. The account shall not be reinstated until brought current and a deposit placed on account.
Account Closure
The Responsible Party may close their account at any time in good standing. Union Cab reserves the right to close accounts at any time. Union Cab shall close accounts that are deemed in default, dormant or at the discretion of the Accounts Manager. An account will be considered dormant if it has had no activity for 24 months. Accounts closed due to dormancy will be re-opened at the request of the account. Union Cab will only reinstate an account closed by Union Cab due to default under the following conditions:
  • The account must not be in default
  • A signed, written agreement on a payment plan or payment in full
  • A security deposit of up to three months may be required.
  • Approval of Accounts Manager
  • Approval of General Manager
Changes to Account Policies
Union Cab may amend any term or condition of its Account Terms and Conditions at any time. Union Cab shall make every effort to notify the Responsible Party  of such changes prior to their effective date. No such change or amendment shall relieve the Responsible Party from any obligation under the Account Terms and Conditions.